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Founded in 1923, DURC is the third oldest outdoor orientated club in the country.  Climbing is a great opportunity for you to show off your skills and endurance during a climbing session. You can read about the nuances and possibilities of physical development at

We meet every Wednesday at 9pm in The Speedwell Bar on Perth Rd. to discuss and sign up for the upcoming weekends' meet, and also to have a few drinks and have a general chit-chat (usualy arguments about climbing! see mailing list!)

We have a trip every weekend, alternating between weekend meets and day meets. The weekend meets leave at 6pm on Friday, but you have to be up a bit earlier for the day meets, like 7am! During the vacations there are still trips away, but they are not subsidised unless they are for a good cause, such as our cleaning trip to Camasunary bay.

There is a wide range of activities available to you within DURC; from walking and rambling, to rock and ice climbing. There is usually someone else around willing to give anything a go!