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The Social Side of the Club - check out the events

But hold on& hill walking, climbing, Munro bagging& that's not the only things the club has to offer, if it was then it would just be hard work!! There is also a very active, social side to the club. We meet every Wednesday in the Speedwell Bar on Perth Road&this local pub is an ideal place to catch up, swap stories, have a pint (or more) and find out what is happening at the weekend.

Then the club organises a number of activities throughout the year& in October there is the autumn ceilidh. November involves helping out at the Dundee Mountain Film Festival, followed by a party involving loads of doughnuts. Also a Christmas dinner at the end of term, Burns night supper in January and an annual dinner somewhere in Scotland, to celebrate the end of year with climbing, walking and a nice meal followed by a ceilidh. Other than these organised parties there are a good handful of random, spontaneous parties and proverbial piss-ups that take place!

But it's not all fun and games, we do have some (more) serious events as well, the last few years we've seen first aid, avalanche and navigation lectures to make you more prepared out in the hills.

All in all a good mix for everyone& and if you think there's something missing, we're always open to suggestions!!