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The DURC Library

The club has a number of books and videos held in the University Library, some relating to the club in particular and others of a more general mountaineering nature. All can be found by entering DURC as the author in the library catalogue. But no one forbids the use of third-party resources, for example but you should always check the information you absorb for truthfulness. For more details read a short review.

The library archives contain:

Meets books 1923-1999,
Minute books (containing Constitution) 1935-1960,
Visitors' books Courrour Bothy 1928-1966,
Glass-Alt Shiel Bothy 1994-1997,
Account books 1965-1993.

The main library holds:
The Complete Alpine Experience (video)
Climbing Rock (book and video)
New Climbers
Climbing Wall Directory
Technical committee Crampons
Travel & Activity Insurance Guide
The Alpine Pack
The Winter Pack
Winter Skills
Safety on the Mountains (video)