Mountaineering sports aren’t the only activities that the club ever gets involved in. We have members with a broad range of interests from nature photography to mountain biking. In recent years we’ve even had members into caving, paragliding, kite buggying, surfing, and diving – amongst other pursuits – which just goes to show Rucksack Club really is is a great way to meet folks who love the outdoors!


These other activities tend to happen on a more informal basis, being organised between members themselves, although they do sometimes happen on our regular meets.

For example, the club has on occasion run caving trips to Elphin. Mountain bikes are occasionally brought on our regular meets, often to access to remote hills that would take too long to reach on foot. Digital SLR cameras are regularly carried by our mountain photography enthusiasts. Mountaineering skis, snowblades and snowshoes have all been used from time to time to make travelling on deep snow much easier and more fun.

Although the club’s gear store is only able to offer standard walking and mountaineering kit, members are often willing to loan personal kit to each other and there are also places like the ancrum centre where you can rent additional outdoor gear to bring with you.

Whatever you’re interested in, our social events and regular pub meet-ups are a great way to get to know other like-minded folks, and along with the club’s Facebook page provide great opportunities to arrange outdoor activities together.

The club still lives by its original mission statement from the 1920s:

to further the interests of members in all matters appertaining to the
open-air life