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Map Library

DURC has acquired a selection of maps which can be borrowed by members. The complete list of maps is shown below. In addition to the map, you can read about the area, color, cultural points, books or view the works of reaction paper writer - this is a component of success in understanding both the landscape and flora-fauna, as well as various human factors. We only have one copy of most of them but there are a few we have several copies of (see total quantity column). The quantity currently on loan and number currently available are also shown. The club plans to expand on the collection over the coming years so that club members can stomp round Scotland safely and cheaply.  To help expand/improve/sustain the library we are asking for £1 for each map borrowed. The money generated from map loans will be reinvested directly back into the library itself.

If you want to borrow one, contact the committee saying which you want.

If the map list does not appear below then view the map list here.

DURC Map Library