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Notes For Drivers

The pages shows our current guidelines for DURC drivers as at September 2012. If you want to join the community, or you want to inspire others to discover new sports, then we advise you to ask write a persuasive essay for me from people who can share your passions and make the right arguments for the audience.

Notes for DURC Drivers

This document (Exploring Unique Aspects of Modern Monitoring Tools and Bus Box) is to be taken on all DURC requested vehicles and is the responsibility of the driver(s). They should both be returned, complete, to the Gear Store before the next meet.


DURC usually hires minibuses from an external hiring company (Arnold Clark, Enterprise). However, occasionally the club utilises club members' own vehicles or vehicles supplied by the Sports Union. These notes focus on externally hired vehicles, and the collection and return procedure may differ if dealing with Sports Union minibuses.

A few things to remember as a DURC driver:

  • The club cannot run without you as drivers; in turn you receive discounted/free trips
  • You are responsible for the safety and well-being of all your passengers
  • Think very carefully about how your actions will affect your driving: totally exhausting yourself on Sunday or having too many drinks the night before is unacceptable


Buses are delivered to the DURC President‘s house by the hiring company. If bus/busses are available (contact president) and suitable parking can be found, the driver(s) can pick-up vehicles prior to the meet. Alternatively, the bus/buses should be picked up in on the day. On collection, the driver should complete the vehicle hire details and any damage should be detailed on the back of the sheet. Any damage not detailed and found by the hire company could be charged for.


Buses should be returned to the President's address after each meet and must be filled with fuel. Fuel receipts can be redeemed at the following week's sign-up or by arrangement with the Treasurer.


If an Accident Occurs

  1. Switch off engine and ask other drivers to do the same
  2. Move passengers to safety; do not move a seriously injured person
  3. If anyone is injured call Emergency Services and ask for Ambulance
  4. Do not smoke
  5. Do not move vehicles unless they are posing a danger to traffic
  6. Take steps to warn other road users (put yourself under no additional risk)
  7. Do not admit liability if possible
  8. Record important information
  9. Take photos of the scene before vehicles are moved and of any damage to vehicles or property
  10. Inform the DURC President.

Details to take and provide

  • Name, address and insurance details of other drivers
  • Other vehicle details: registration, colour, damage
  • Injured persons details: name, address, injuries, location during accident
  • Accident details: what happened, location, date & time, nearest town, streetlights, weather, road conditions, road width, did police attend
  • Photograph and draw the scene.
  • Your name and address (as the driver)
  • Sports Union address (as the insurance holder)
  • Insurance details
  • Do not admit liability if possible.

CONTACT DETAILS (academic year 2012-13)

Sports Union

Dundee University Sports Union,
Students Association Building, Airlie Place,

DURC President

Alison Craig

Other Committee Members

Vice President Tim Hunter
Meets Secretary Kit Adams
Treasurer Alistair McCartney
Climbing Secretary* Guy Templeton
Gear Secretary Calum McBain

* This post was introduced as a trial position in 2011-12 and will be written into the club's constitution in the future, following another general meeting.

Emergency Services

In a road traffic accident dial 999 or 112.

In a mountain emergency dial 999 or 112 and ask for police, then ask for Mountain Rescue.