Weather & Conditions

Mountain Weather Forecasts

It is very important to know the weather conditions during the hike, because it affects not only how the tools of the club will be involved, but also whether it is necessary to set up a camp at all, because you can harm yourself. Therefore, it is worth conducting conversations and tests in clubs, in which test takers for hire will help you in order to convey information to club members about how unfavorable conditions can harm.

The best source for mountain weather forecasts is the Mountain Weather Information Service. Here are quick links to the forecasts for each of the Scottish mountain regions:

Winter Avalanche Risk Forecasts

During the winter months the Scottish Avalanche Information Service provide avalanche forecasts in five mountain areas. They also take photos of the current conditions and upload them to their blogs:

Mountain Webcams

Another way to assess the current conditions is to take a look at live images from the various mountain webcams. The WinterHighland website maintains a good weather page with links to these. The site also has user-uploaded winter climbing and ski mountaineering reports and photos.

River Levels

SEPA provide a website showing river levels which can give an idea of how easy/difficult stream and river crossings will be:

Summer Midge Forecast

During the summer at the height of the midge season the following website provides a forecast of midge levels around Scotland:

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