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Lost Property

It's easy to leave something on a minibus after a club trip, or in the pub!
Here's what to do if you have lost or found something:
  • If you think you have left something on an club trip or at a club social event please head to the gear store to check the lost property there.

  • Gear found by the committee on trips or in the pub will be passed onto the gear secretary to place into lost property.

  • If you have ended up with something on a trip that isn't yours please pass it on to the gear secretary (either at the gear store or at the pub) who will place it into lost property.

Gear Labelling
A good way to keep track of all your expensive climbing gear and make sure it gets back to you after a good day out is to mark all your stuff with coloured electrical tape.
Simple and effective this allows us all to help kit find it's way back to it's rightful owner. Below is a list of some club members and the colour schemes they use.
Get in touch if you'd like to be included.

Name  Colours  
 DURC gear Red  ____________________
 Ruaridh Macdonald Yellow + Orange ____________________
 Euan Macdonald Black + Red + Black ____________________ 
 Lauren Shields Violet  ____________________
 Jon Bowyer Yellow + Red ____________________
 Guy Templeton Yellow  ____________________
 Stephanie Schorr Blue + White __________
 Nic Mikhaylyuk
Green + Blue ____________________
 David Barratt Blue + White _____________