Interested in what the club has to offer?

If you are active and want to attract your energy somewhere, we advise you to join our club! Our club holds many events and outings where you can make friends with many people and improve your physical condition through exercise. As you know, studying takes a lot of strength and energy, you can read about it in prime essays and often we don't have time to do physical exercise, and because of this our physical condition deteriorates, so joining a club is a solution to this problem.

Why not join our mailing list, Facebook page and Facebook group to be kept up to date with what is going on, and come along to the pub on a Wednesday night to meet us and have a chat?

If you want to know a bit more about the club read on as this page has all the essential info...

Club Website

This website is the main hub of information about the club. Here you will find all everything from details of what activities we do to what trips and events we're planning, and much more besides! Most importantly, the website plays host to the announcements forum which is your way of keeping in touch with all the latest goings-on, and a regularly updated events calendar.

Join the Forums!

If you are at all interested in the club you should join our mailing list - even if you haven't decided whether you want to join the club. It's an excellent way of keeping in touch with what's going on.

To avoid missing out we recommend you both subscribe to announcements and, if you use Facebook, Like our Facebook page and join the informal DURC Chat group:

  • Subscribe to "Announcements" - to receive important info from the committee about club meets and social events etc (BUT you can't post to it and you'll it's only for hearing about official club activities)
  • Like our Facebook page - where we share general news and other items of interest with the world at large
  • DURC Chat - this is your lifeline to the social side of the club. This is where you find out about or organise informal walking/climbing trips, hear about parties that may be going on, offer kit for sale and take part in discussions.

If you are having difficulties with joining the announcement group or setting up Facebook page notifications, or want to know more, try our forum help page.

Club Membership

Although part of the University Sports Union, the club has a wide and varied membership so if you aren’t a student or staff member of the University of Dundee you can still join as an associate member.  Unfortunately only paid-up members can go on club meets; this is a Sports Union rule and is important since part of the membership fee provides you with civil liability insurance. Membership, as with most club business, is dealt with in Baxter Suite in the Tower Building followed by the pub on a Wednesday night.

The membership fee varies from year to year as the club's costs vary, the 2014-2015 fee being £40. If you are wondering where your membership fee goes, about half of it helps fund the club so that we can secure bookings for the year’s events (we have to book minibus rental and mountain huts well in advance) and keep our supply of equipment in good order. The other half goes to the Mountaineering Council of Scotland, to provide you with civil liability insurance, access to a whole range of free safety and skills lectures, access to subsidised training events and a subscription to Scottish Mountaineer magazine. 

Membership form

Before you join you'll need to fill out a DURC Membership Form, which you can get from a member of the Committee. Alternatively you can access it online and print of your own copy from here:  

It will then just need to be signed and witnessed.

Pub Night and Sign-up

Catch us any Tuesday evening in our sponsor pub, Braes on Perth Road from 8:30 pm 

Are you interested in the club? Maybe you are considering joining? Not decided yet?

Come along to the pub to chat to us and find out more!

During term-time when the club runs meets each weekend, sign-up for the meet is taken in Braes (from 8:30pm) and is done by our Meets Secretary/Treasurer.

Note: Over the summer months and during University holidays there are usually still some DURC folks around, but we sometimes move around from pub to pub - check our Facebook page or Chat Group, or ask around!

Club Meets

Throughout each semester we do a full-weekend meet (staying at a mountain hut) once each month, and a single-day meet on all other weekends. We also do single-day climbing meets regularly. See the meets list for details. Prices vary from year to year as the club's costs vary but it is usually around £10 for single-day meets and £20 - 30 for full-weekend meets (which includes 2 nights of accommodation in a mountain hut as well as transport there and back). We're sure you’ll agree that's a pretty good deal for a weekend’s travel and accommodation to the likes of Skye and Assynt! This is because the club is able to subsidise the cost of meets through its fundraising activities.

Read more about meets...


To go on a club meet you must bring the appropriate equipment - see our kit list.

Some of this can be borrowed from the club's gear store (check kit list for details) but for some things you need to have your own, e.g. walking boots.

If you need to borrow anything check out the gear store page for info.


Now you know how much the trips cost, what to bring and where we're going, you need to know when/where we set off from!

  • All meets now leave from the Gear Store - see location map below
  • Day meets leave at 7am sharp! This probably seems horribly early but is necessary so that we arrive at our destination with enough time for our day’s activities - journey times can be over 2 hours each way and daylight hours are fairly limited in the winter months. Some folks just go back to sleep for a while once they get on the minibus!
  • Climbing meets will usually leave a bit later, since the distance to travel is usually less and climbing doesn’t require a full day like hillwalking and mountaineering can. Details of each climbing meet (destination, departure time etc.) will be posted via the announcements forum near the time.
  • Full-weekend meets normally depart at 6pm on the Friday evening. Note that this time can sometimes change depending on how far we have to drive (sometimes we may have to leave earlier). Always check the latest announcements near the time.

Lectures and Training

Since safety is of such high importance in the hills, we pride ourselves on being to offer a wide variety of FREE lectures and practical sessions, ranging from First Aid through to Navigation, as well as facilitating access to subsidised training courses. More information is in the skills section of our website.

Location Map

The following map shows where abouts everything is - pub, departure meeting point, gear store, climbing wall etc!

(Note: there is another more detailed map to the gear store on the gear store page.)

DURC Important Locations