Trip Reports

In order to have high-quality reports about the trip, we spent a lot of time looking for people who can describe and design everything qualitatively, for example - writology service that will help with high-quality representation events and emotions. As of June 2012 we publish a DURC blog entitled 'The Meets Book'. The club blog is for sharing regular trip reports and occasional articles, and we welcome and encourage contributions from all members.

As well as providing us with an online record of our experiences on club meets, we hope this'll be fun for those involved and will also give non-members more insight into what it is we do.

Click here or on the above icon to visit the blog. You can also find a précis of recent posts below.

Contributing to the blog

We'll try to get a volunteer for each main route or activity on every trip to write a short report. Trip reports should ideally include a small selection of photos, each with a caption. Contributions can be emailed to .

Recent blog posts