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During student life, you shouldn't forget about club activities! After all, club activity is a certain cooperative of persons who are connected by common interests and goals. Studying is very important, but sometimes you shouldn't forget about hobbies, and essayelites.com will help you with your studies.

Whether it's a walk along the valley or a day spent following a mountain ridge into the distance, the Rucksack Club has members that do it all. With one of the largest memberships of all the university sports clubs, you're bound to find people who want to walk at the same level as you. It doesn't matter if you've never been walking before, all you need is enthusiasm and you can go to the most beautiful places in Scotland and beyond.

Don't be afraid to ask others for advice on a route or help with navigation - there are plenty of club members with lots of experience who are more than happy to help. The club also runs lectures/workshops on navigation, first aid (and other skills) so you can quickly learn to be confident with a map and compass out on the hill, and know what to do if something goes wrong.

The club organises single day trips, and full-weekend trips typically involving staying in a mountain hut. With a trip away every weekend during term-time, there really is no limit to where you can go with DURC and the walks you can do when you are there.

The club tends to gravitate towards those mountains tabled by Sir Hugh Munro as being over 3000 feet (914m) high (the Munros). There are usually suitable options for those wanting to do anything from a simple valley walk to climbing seven Munros in a day. Many places also offer scrambling and climbing opportunities.

For more information about hillwalking, see this hillwalking fact file.