Kit List

This is a guide to the gear you need to bring with you on meets for your own safety and comfort. Items marked with a * can be borrowed from the club's gear store. Please note that there is a limited supply of equipment hence a first come first served rule will apply.

If you have any questions about any of this gear, feel free to ask a member of the committee (or other experienced member) for their opinion.

Key to Text Colours:
Gear required for ALL DURC MEETS
Additional Gear required for WINTER MEETS
Additional Gear required for MULTI-DAY MEETS

Essential Kit

You MUST bring the following essential items with you on any DURC meet:

Item Available from Gear Store?
Walking Boots  
Walking Socks  
Wooly Hat  
Fleece / Warm Layer  
Walking Trousers (Comfortable, lightweight)  
Waterproof Jacket *
Waterproof Trousers *
Rucksack *
Survival Bag *
Head Torch / Torch *
Ice Axe *
Crampons *
Sleeping Bag *
Spare Warm Clothes  
More Food - e.g. 2x Breakfast, 2x Lunch, 1x Dinner  

Recommended Kit

In addition to the list of essential kit above it is strongly recommended you also bring as much of the following kit as possible:

[NOTE: Although not on the "essential" list above, the items below marked in red MUST be carried by at least one person in each walking group.]

Item Available from Gear Store?
Compass *
First Aid Kit *
Spare Batteries & Bulb for Head Torch / Torch  
Gaiters *
Base Layer  
Spare Gloves  
Sun Hat  
Neck Gaiter or Balaclava  
Ski Goggles  
Carry Mat or Thermarest *

Optional Extras

You may also find the following optional kit useful if you have it.

Item Available from Gear Store?
Walking Poles  
Avalanche Probe  
Snow Shovel  
Camping stove and fuel  
  • boots - you must wear proper hill-walking boots (NO TRAINERS!) Your boots should be sturdy, provide good ankle support, be waterproof.. and of course be comfortable!
  • food and water - take enough to last you the for the day / weekend.
  • clothing - warm! Remember warm hat and gloves and an extra fleece/jumper. Trousers should be lightweight and comfortable. DON'T WEAR JEANS!
  • waterproofs - both jacket and overtrousers
  • ice axe and crampons (winter only) - in winter you must bring these. It's important to make sure your crampons are properly adjusted to fit your boots beforehand.