First Aid and Emergency Kit

This page describes first aid equipment and other emergency-related gear.

First Aid Kit

A small waterproof personal First Aid kit for treating injuries and ailments. Suggested contents:

Seek doctor's or pharmacists' advice before including the following:

Take a look through the First Aid manual to find out what to do with all these bits and pieces!


Plastic, emergency use only. Keep on neck cord with compass. If help needed give SIX short blasts repeated at one minute intervals - but any whistle blastsor shouts in hills may be emergency. Answering signal when responding to emergency is THREE short whistle blasts repeated at one minute intervals.

Message Kit

Sealable plastic waterproof bag containing label or card and pencil to print emergency message when sending for help. Message must include:

Bivvy Bag

Brightly coloured, heavy guage polythene bad approximately 175cm × 90cm to be used as weather cocoon against wind and rain. Remember, it is not, by itself, a guaranteed "last resort" survival bag, especially in winter. Aluminium foil blankets and bags are not so effective and are more easily torn. In winter it may be useful to include a sleeping bag for use inside the bivvy bag.

Confidence Rope

20-25 metres of light line 6-8mm diameter will provide valuable confidence when climbing up or down or crossing an awkward spot.

Skin Protection Pack

High factor sun block cream, lip salve for sun and wind burn. Anti-midge cream / spray or citronella aromatherapy oil. Face net as last resort!

This information is provided courtesy of Ian Roy, first aid leturer extraordinaire.